ESIC Forms

ESIC Forms

Relevant Forms under the ESIC ACT

  1. Employers Registration Form 01
  2. Form 1 – Declaration Form
  3. Family Declaration Form 1(A)
  4. Return of Declaration Form 3
  5. Form 5- Return of Contributions (Half Yearly)
  6. Accident Book Form 11
  7. Form 12 – Accident Report from Employer
  8. Claim for Dependent Benefit Form 15
  9. Form 19 – Claim for Maternity Benefit and Notice of Work
  10. Funeral Expenses Claim Form 22
  11. E S I C 32 – Wage Contributory Record for DB
  12. ESIC53 – Application for change in particulars of I P S

We known as trusted consultancy for Registration Of Esic Forms. Our consultancy works towards providing economic and social protection to the workers. We widely covered matters like identity card, online registration prepare form 6 and also Challan etc. Taking big steps to provide many benefits to the employees in this country. With help of our trusted consultants we provide full and also hearty consultancy to the employees.

Provide for certain benefits

Tailored to provide social and also economic benefits

Helpful in case of accidents etc.

Help in all lawful activities

We counted among the prominent service providers of E S I C Consultancy. Our consultancy services provides economic and also social protection to workers. In addition to this, these services include identity card, online registration, prepare form 6 and also data entry of insured person. Moreover, our services also available at the most economic prices and also customized as per their specific requirements.

With increase in business the work force of our company also bound to increase. With the increase in number of employees beyond 20 in most cases 10 cases in E S I C. The labor laws apply most pervasive in the E S I C & PF. We provide our professional assistance services to the organizations in obtaining PF Number and also E S I C Number.

We also render our services for maintenance of records and also registers of labor laws. our monthly retainer ship services for PF and E S I C begins, However, subject to your review of the organization.

ESIC Forms – Services Provided By Provident Funds

In case of :- Companies, Partnership, Co-operative societies, Society, Proprietorship Firm

By keeping a full track of the latest amendments to the law, we engaged in offering reliable E S I C & PF CONSULTANCY SERVICES BY AGGARWAL & ASSOCIATES. We have a vast experience in dealing with the complex issues related to this filed. Our Consultancy well-versed with the forms and documents required for the purpose of registering a factory under the PF Act. We properly guide our clients and also strive to meet their requirements.


Details: – Our Company holds extensive experience in managing complex projects of E S I C & PF Consultancy Services by AGGARWAL & ASSOCIATES. With in India, the proficiency in delivering quality solutions as per the statutory records including applications and follow-up measures. We  also allow us to successfully understand and meet the specific business needs of the clients.

Work under E S I C & PF would be Registered. An establishment/Factory under the (PF) Employees provident Found Act. Or (E S I C) Employees State insurance Act and Obtaining the Code Number. Nomination, Declaration of New Employee, Esic Monthly challan Generation, Preparation of Required Forms. Assist in Transfer of PF Accumulation from one Reign to Another Region. With Registration Authority/Updating of Amendments/Change in the Act.