Payroll Services

Aggarwal & Associates Services a one of the leading Payroll Outsource & Payroll Service Consultant in Delhi / N C R. With also have vast experience in dealing with Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provision Acts, 1952, (EPF Act).

We work on latest technologies and software also our team work with full concentration keeping business goals clear in minds. We keep ourselves involved in each and every project until we completed the work.

As per companies required we also visit the company for the meeting and we also collect documents from the companies.

Charges minimum to minimum will take.

Payroll Services – Provided By Aggarwal & Associates

We receive the data from company like Attendance, New Employees, Resigned, Increment, Overtime, Incentive, Advance, Loan, Leave, Left etc.  Processing the same in our full computerized payroll package and generating payroll Register in PDF/EXCEL/TXT format. We also process the same with salary withheld report.

  1. Preparation of Department wise, location wise and also cost center wise salary sheet.
  2. Preparation of Arrears sheets
  3. Providing monthly Salary Slips to the individual Employees through E-mail
  4. Statement of Bank Transfer.
  5. Calculation of Overtime, Bonus also Incentive etc.
  6. Prepare Full & Final settlement for ceased employees.
  7. Maintaining Attendance record, Leave record and also Salary wages registers etc.
  8. Providing Monthly Manual registers.
  9. Designing of C T C.
  10. Compensation & Benefit processing.
  11. Reimbursement Processing
  12. Payroll reports & M I S.
  13. Disbursement Management
  14. Statutory Compliance – E P F / E S I / Professional Tax / T D S / Labor Welfare fund etc.
  15. Web based Management Solutions.
  16. Enables consistency of processes.
  17. Dedicated contact points
  18. Local and Centralized expertise readily available to you.
  19. Leading edge Payroll Management System to underpin services and provide you detailed payroll Management reporting in consistent formats from one system

Process of Our Payroll Services

Receiving input data from i.e. attendance Register, detail of resigned/newly joined employees.

All salary input data can be integrated to our software for error-less and also timely preparation of payrolls in case of big size companies.

Preparation of monthly Payroll with detail beak-up. i.e. department wise, location wise & also cost center wise. Circulation of monthly Payroll Sheet.

Generating Payroll Register in PDF, EXCEL of any customized format.

Preparation of Department wise, Location wise also cost center wise salary reports.

Payroll Statement for Bank Transfer.

Stop Payment/Salary Withheld reports.

Calculations and preparation of arrears.

Monthly Reports/Challans of Statutory Deductions i.e. PF, ESIC, Professional Tax & Labour Welfare Found for timely Payment of Statutory Payments.

Pay slip to individual Employees through E-mail

Full & Final Settlement Letter of Resigned Employees

Update Leave Register, Salary & Wages Register

Leave Report to Individual Employees through E-mail.

Preparation of Overtime Sheet.

Computation of Leave Encasement Annually/Periodically as per Company Leave Policy.

Access to accurate and timely Salary Sheet

Access to accurate and also timely Employee Pay Slip

Scalability during expansion to multiple geographies

Escalating cost due to in house payroll Maintenance

Security and confidentiality of payroll and employee date

Compliance with the latest laws and regulations